Tokheim Fuel POS® – the Innovative POS System for Petrol Stations with PCI Express

Tokheim, part of Dover Fueling Solutions, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fuel dispensing and automation equipment. With manufacturing centers and network of distributors in many countries around the globe, Tokheim offers customers a complete range of fuel dispensers and pumps, retail automation systems, payment terminals, media devices, replacement parts and upgrade kits. Its customers include well-known names such as Esso, Total and Shell.

High Payment Security through the POS System

Tokheim Fuel POS® point-of-sale system – a modern and innovative POS system – is used to manage all elements of the fuel and retail business. It eases the management of the store. Tokheim Fuel POS offers a seamless connection to petrol pumps via the LON-based IFSF interface for the petrol station environment. Many of the Tokheim Fuel POS systems are supplied with Easylon PCIe Interface+. Annually, Gesytec GmbH supplies Tokheim with approx. 1000 PCIe Interfaces+, PCI Interfaces+ and Mini PCIe Socket Interfaces+. These are used to establish a connection to any dispenser using the IFSF interface. The PCIe Interfaces+ provide a connection between the various petrol pumps and Tokheim’s filling stations.

Have you ever thought about why the till knows how much you’ve been refueling? Devices communicate with a matter of course so that we no longer perceive it. At petrol stations, most devices speak the IFSF protocol.

A highly intelligent system connects the dispensers to the cash register and facilitates refueling for both customers and employees. It is particularly helpful for the employees who are relieved of the workload and can dedicate more of their time to the customer service. Tokheim’s payment security development meets the strictest security requirements, ensuring that customers are optimally protected against fraud. The Tokheim Fuel POS with the PCIe Interface+ optimizes payment processes by being fast, reliable and easy to use.

Advantages of the PCIe Interface+

The PCIe Interface+ from Gesytec’s Easylon product line connects computers with PCI Express interfaces to DIN EN 14908 compliant networks. The advantages of the Easylon Interface+ are obvious: The interface provides the possibility to access the network from a PC with up to eight applications at the same time. Both LNS- and MIP-based programs can be used, the Easylon PCIe Interface+ is fully compatible to VNI interfaces of other manufacturers and replaces also conventional adapters without changes at the application level. Deployment in virtual systems, such as VMware, is also completely effortless.

Technical Exchange as a Basis for Long-term Cooperation

Gesytec and Tokheim have worked as partners for more than 15 years. A key point that keeps the cooperation between Tokheim and Gesytec going on for so long is the excellent technical exchange between the two companies. With its innovative ideas, Tokheim and Gesytec face regular challenges. Through Tokheim’s system, which must work smoothly with only a few updates during operation, Gesytec creates a long product life cycle and carries out updates only at the customer’s request. Although every change means a lengthy and time-consuming certification loop, every hurdle can be overcome; this proves the duration of the cooperation, the brisk correspondence and the high number of orders.