Lantern sounds alarm: "I am broken"

In only two minutes the failure is located

Aachen 29.04.1999 – Gesytec GmbH, Aachen has launched a new system for the remote monitoring of the Aachen, Germany street lighting at the Hanover exhibition. The solution for ASEAG Energy GmbH locates broken lamps in just two minutes. So that the street lighting reliably lights the roads, up until now is the street lighting in Aachen, like nearly everywhere in Germany, maintained and very often before the end of its serviceable life replaced.

This expensive practice is necessary because broken lamps present a liability risk.
The Gesytec system recognises defective lighting in the space of two minutes, so that they can be quickly replaced. Individual lamps can now, therefore, light the streets of a town for the whole of their serviceable life.

This also makes ecological sense, because mercury vapor lamps are dangerous rubbish.

The highlight of the system is that the communication is conducted over the electricity supply. This saves the cost of laying cables, which would cost approximately 250 DM per meter.

The application registers by measuring the electricity consumption defective lamps and sends a message to the control center. At the same time in the other direction service personnel can be despatched to the lantern from the control center.